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    Rochester Institute of Technology
    ESL Global Cybersecurity Institute

    Presented: December 1, 2023, Rochester, NY.

    Powerful Security Kernel Cyber-Defense Reset

    Established cyber defense approaches - penetrate and patch (a game we can never win) have failed. They have not, do not, and indeed cannot provide verifiable security for critical infrastructure, IoT (both of which require strong integrity protections) and classic controlled sharing applications (Mandatory Access Control MAC secrecy domains) for Cloud, appliance, and e-commerce/web services environments.

    But that is just the latest chapter in the decades long search for trusted computing solutions. Having come to a fork in the road, industry and government took the path that brought us here. It is time to double back and see what has already been shown to work, and reconsider Reference Monitor technology and the Security Kernel system-level commercial products that implement it.

    This presentation will begin with a very brief review of cyber security history by someone who was there at the beginning and who has seen multiple successful system deployments run in highly contested networked, global environments without ever needing a security patch. The "secret sauce" applying model-based engineering design to the system-wide security problem is reproducible, effective, and sorely needed for critical infrastructure, consumer appliances, and multi-tenant cloud/time-sharing systems.

  • Slides: Powerful Security Kernel Cyber-defense Reset (PDF)
    Roger R. Schell, Edwards E. Reed
  • Video Presentation YouTube

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