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Aesec offers the only commercial operating system that protects your sensitive data and systems against espionage and professional malicious software cyber-attacks like SolarWinds and Stuxnet.

Whether an attacker introduces malicious software into your system through supply chain subversion, thumb drives, social engineering, insiders or any other technique, the point is that our GEMSOS™ operating system - called a security kernel - prevents the malicious software once it gets into your system from compromising sensitive data.

The problems posed by malicious software cyber-attacks (Trojan horses, back doors, root kits, etc.) is that they subvert the very controls your system relies on to protect itself. No other commercial operating system protects itself against that threat. But Aesec’s products are centered on our GEMSOS security kernel -- the only commercial operating system that is verifiably secure against that kind of subversive attack. A prior version of GEMSOS in our GTNP product was publicly certified by National Security Agency under the most stringent and mature computer security criteria in the world, called TCSEC Class A1. In the Class A1 Final Evaluation Report for GTNP, NSA explained that,

“A system that has been rated as being an A division system is characterized by the use of formal specification verification methods to assure that the controls provided by the system can effectively protect classified or other sensitive information stored or processed by the system [against subversion].” [Emphasis supplied.]

And more recently, the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) stated in their Systems Security Engineering publication 800-160 that,

“Many commercial products … represent highly trustworthy components and systems that have been verified to be highly resistant to penetration from determined adversaries, and, in the case of TCSEC Class A1, distinguished by substantially dealing with the problem of subversion of security mechanisms.”  [Emphasis supplied.]

So, whether you face an espionage attack that is destructive like Stuxnet, or is a long-term eavesdropping and theft of sensitive information like SolarWinds, GEMSOS is the only commercial operating system you and your customers can trust and verify to protect your sensitive data.

Our customers are original equipment manufacturers and integrators. We have a suite of supporting tools and procedures that our customers use to create inherently secure equipment by incorporating the GEMSOS kernel. The NSA-evaluated Class A1 ratings maintenance phase (RAMP) plan reflects the systematic process for updating the evaluation of product updates to GEMSOS.

In the Cold War, GEMSOS became the dominant high assurance secure operating system in the world. Successful high-performance deployments included an NSA standard Type 1 crypto system called BLACKER, the Pentagon’s HSRP that interlinked IBM mainframes with terminals, CHOTS Guard in the UK Ministry of Defense’s office automation system, and elsewhere. Aesec has now refreshed the GEMSOS security kernel to modern hardware, and our verifiably secure products will enable more network connections and controlled data sharing, with protection against espionage and professional malicious software cyber-attacks at lower total cost of ownership, than any other solution on the market.

An in-depth review of the GEMSOS architecture and security assurance features is available in the NSA’s Final Evaluation Report.  This report was prepared by the evaluation team that certified the GEMSOS-based Gemini Trusted Network Processor (GTNP) met all the requirements to be certified Class A1. 

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