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   Aesec was founded in 2001 to develop verifiably secure platforms.  We acquired Gemini Computers and its GEMSOS™ security kernel in 2003.  Aesec will build GEMSOS-based platforms that verifiably prevent machines from being subverted by malicious software.

GEMSOS is the only general-purpose kernel in the world rated Class A1: Verified Protection by the National Security Agency.  That means our platforms will be verifiably free of flaws and trap doors, and invulnerable to malicious software like Trojan horses.  These are the tools that professionals use to attack systems, and no other platform available can stop them.

Businesses and government need verifiably secure platforms to field high assurance multilevel secure (MLS) systems.  Aesec's verifiably secure platforms will enable more network connections and data sharing, at lower cost of ownership, than any other solution on the market.

An in-depth review of the GEMSOS architecture and security assurance features is available in the Final Evaluation Report.  This report was prepared by the evaluation team that certified the GEMSOS-based Gemini Trusted Network Processor (GTNP) met all the requirements to be certified Class A1 under the Trusted Network Interpretation (TNI, or Red Book) of the Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC, or Orange Book) in the configurations described in the report.  An introduction to the GEMSOS platform is available on request.

Aesec is refreshing GEMSOS and pursuing development partnerships.  We have formed Aesec Global Services to deliver consulting and system engineering.

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